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What’s black and white…and missing from successful healthcare content marketing?

Consumers place a higher level of trust in print content over all other forms of content marketing.

Across the country, healthcare marketers are investing the lion’s share of their dollars in digital, both on the advertising and content side. There’s no doubt that a digital strategy is critical. However, if you have nixed print publications entirely from your planning, you are missing a huge opportunity. Here are five reasons to re-evaluate print:

1. Print holds high value. Neuroscience studies have found that people pay more attention and have higher recall of print content over digital content, plus it activates the part of the brain — the ventral striatum area — associated with higher levels of desire and valuation. Other studies have found that consumers place a higher level of trust in print content, probably due to the investment companies must make to produce and deliver print.

2. Print is a top-of-the-funnel tactic. While digital marketing makes it easy to market directly to consumers at the point of purchase, print reaches and engages new prospects early during the consideration phase of the buying funnel.

3. Print creates awareness of issues not on the search radar. Not many people get up in the morning to Google diseases they don’t know about. A print article about an emerging or little-known health condition — or treatment — can educate the public and drive volume to physicians and hospitals.

4. Print improves brand awareness. A study by Millward Brown Digital reviewed 150 case studies across various industries and found that when print is added to the marketing mix, brand awareness went up the most, as much as 15 percent.

5. Print can be tracked. Print can drive measurable responses such as booking appointments. Using tracking numbers and vanity URLs are quick ways to measure response, and evaluating generated revenue can measure longer-term ROI.

Clementine Healthcare Marketing has been producing print publications with returns as high as $28-to-$1 for hospitals nationwide for more than a decade. To discuss ideas for your print publication, contact us.


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