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Our Work

Content, Content, and More Content

Clementine Healthcare Marketing creates a wide variety of healthcare content. General categories are outlined below, but this list is not exhaustive--if it's content involving words and design, we do it. To view full digital examples of our work, please go to Thank you!

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Clementine published nine consumer health magazines for Centura Health, Colorado's largest healthcare system. Mailed to nearly 500,000 households quarterly, these magazines served to create awareness of health issues, new services, and new physician practices. Clementine provided all services including writing, photography, design, printing and mailing.


Clementine produces in-depth guides to help consumers make important decisions. E-guides are posted on client websites and are particularly helpful to help prospective customers make complex decisions. 

Content Hubs

Clementine Content Hubs are designed for today's search environment by grouping all related content. This allows your site to rank higher in today's new algorithms, increases consumer engagement--and makes your life easier by organizing massive amounts of content. 

Annual Reports

Whether you need to create a report for Commission on Cancer accreditation or community benefits, we can help deliver your message in print, digital PDF, or interactive micro-site. 

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Did you know the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text? When you need to explain a complicated or detailed piece of information, infographics are a perfect medium. 

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Specialty Publications

Trying to drive volume to a high-priority service line? We develop specialty consumer publications that score extraordinary ROI by focusing on content and design that appeals to readers' interests.  

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