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Clementine Healthcare Marketing helps health organizations succeed in today’s information-driven marketing environment. Our disciplined approach focuses your marketing investment on creating awareness, consideration, and conversions among the target audiences most likely to need your services. Contact us to learn more. 
Strong roots

Health content is all we do, so we’re experts at it. We’ve cultivated a senior team of strategists, editors, writers, and designers who intricately know all the nuances of the industry. Our roots in health care run deeper than 30 years.


Sweet success

Just like Father Clement Rodier did when he decided to blend a sweet orange and a Chinese mandarin, at Clementine Healthcare Marketing we provide a unique blend too: journalism and marketing. This blend of talent allows us to marry the provider’s business goals with the patient’s needs, creating valuable marketing content that builds trust-based relationships between patients and providers.


The right tools

We are partners and collaborators with our clients, seeking to understand and support their entire business development strategy. Our carefully crafted virtual agency model allows us to form teams utilizing only senior healthcare marketing experts who specialize in the precise tools we need deployed for each customized content campaign. 

Our Values

We create content that matters.

The bend-over-backward kind.

We’re over-the-moon smart, but we can only do our best work when we are your partner, not a vendor.

Michele Conklin

Michele founded Clementine in 2006 after leaving her position as Vice President of Marketing for Colorado's largest healthcare system. She founded Clementine on the belief that bringing journalism sensibilities to marketing content was a win-win for organizations and their customers.

Jenn Woolson

Jenn's caffeinated drive and editing smarts has fueled a career that spans 25 years and put her in charge of video, online and print publications at such marquee healthcare names as the Cleveland Clinic, Baylor Health Care System, Kaiser Permanente — and Clementine Content.

Tim Giesen

Tim is an award-winning designer, first and foremost of Clementine publications but also at a parenting magazine, a building magazine, and publications devoted to plenty of topics in between. Tim's marketing degree means he brings rare insight to every project for every client.

Irene Mendelsberg

Irene is one of those lucky people whose talent and passion perfectly match. She’s been whipping up visual confections for 25 years, for a bevy of diverse clients in Colorado and beyond. And her healthcare know-how comes not just from binge-watching Nurse Jackie; she’s been a Clementine designer for six years.

Ellen Jaskol

Ellen makes us look good. We like that about her. So do the people she photographs for Clementine’s custom publications. Whether it’s a cancer patient enjoying a second chance at life, a new baby in the first minutes of his, or a doctor with only a moment spare, Ellen’s caring personality, her experience behind the camera, and her gift for capturing what’s inside her subjects bring our words to life. 

Halt and Heidi

Halt (left), aka The Moose, and Heidi, aka The Princess, are the Clementine mascots. When not out hiking the mountains of Colorado, they often can be found begging for lovin' or sleeping in our offices. And, in case you are wondering, Halt was named after the hero in Ranger's Apprentice, and Heidi was so named because she was supposed to have been a German shepherd! (Truly, her mom was a shepherd and she looked like one at 7-weeks-old when rescued.)


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