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We give big attention to small projects.

At Clementine, small projects are not small to us. We have been in your shoes and we know that sometimes you need someone good to produce a brochure, complete a project, or design a supporting campaign. You don't want a full-blown marketing plan; you don't need a brand overhaul. Just a project. But while you don't want an agency to haul out the dog-and-pony show (or the bill), you also don't want your project to be treated like a one-off.

A Medical Marketing Roadmap 

Clementine Healthcare Marketing is known nationwide for its high caliber of medical writing, graphic design, and photography. While we are proud of our senior team of expert writers, editors, and designers, we don't get to success without a roadmap. We begin every project with a thorough -- but fast -- strategic overview to ensure that we understand your business goals and marketing strategy, the target audience, their needs, and what their next step will be.

And true to our mission, we create content that empowers people to make better health decisions. Content that provides a bit of clarity and a moment of peace during a stressful time.

If it's healthcare collateral, we create it.

Here are a few of the types of projects we regularly handle:

  • annual reports

  • blogs

  • brochures

  • direct mail/CRM campaigns

  • e-guides

  • inbound campaigns

  • infographics

  • interactive content such as quizzes, assessments and treatment algorithms 

  • videos

  • website content

  • white papers

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