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Healthcare Content Marketing


Content Guide

Improve brand awareness 15% by adding print to your mix; learn how voice search is changing the SEO rules; and why content hubs are upending traditional website structure. Read more in the latest issue of Zest, our content marketing magazine. 

Writer Assignment

Great healthcare content starts with a great assignment.  The more details you give your in-house and freelance writers, the quicker they will hit the mark.

Use this fillable template to create your own assignments. 

Persona Guide

Patient profiles are similar to buyer personas except you need to map your patient's path to care. You also need to understand key influencers in their decision making. Use this guide to create your patient profiles. 

SEO Guide

Worrying about SEO during a website redesign is usually last on the to-do list. But smart healthcare marketers start their plan with SEO in mind. Read the top mistakes to avoid during your website redesign.

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