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20 Easy Content Ideas for Healthcare Marketers

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

If you’re a healthcare marketer looking for content ideas, it’s probably not topics that stump you. You’ve got a million ideas. Problem is, you don’t have a million hours to devote to creating content.

We’ve created a list of 20 ideas to help you create high-quality healthcare content faster. By the way, we think it goes without saying that every digital content idea below can be turned into multiple social posts, so we haven’t included that — but be sure you’re not overlooking that easy opportunity.

(And just in case you don’t have a million content ideas, we’ve included a bonus section at the end on ways to generate healthcare content ideas.)

  1. Use patient packets or guides. Oftentimes, your clinical staff or salespeople have created packets of information that address common questions. Use that content for website pages, blogs, or electronic guides. We recently developed a website content hub for a client and turned one of their patient handouts into an informative blog to supplement the hub content.

  2. Dissect your content. If you’ve created a comprehensive online guide, use the pieces as separate PDFs, website pages, or blog posts. At Clementine, we developed a downloadable patient guide on brain tumor treatment. The guide included a list of questions to ask your oncologist, which we turned into a separate downloadable checklist for patients.

  3. Talk with staff (nurses, physician relations reps, customer service reps). Get a list of common questions that patients ask, and answer those questions on a website FAQ page.

  4. Give news a local twist. Ask your clinical experts for an opinion on current national or international health news, and either make a quick video or blog post. Because the news has already been reported, it’s easier and quicker to write on that than having to find a new topic — and it’s relevant because people are hearing it and have questions.

  5. Update successful evergreen blog content and republish it. If the content was popular the first time it was posted, it should continue to gain views and readers once it’s updated.

  6. Edit a long video into shorter snippets. Use them on your website or on your Google My Business page, where videos are limited to 30 seconds in length.

  7. Use extra video footage to create short videos that answer a single consumer question. At Clementine, we created a short video that answered the question, “What can I expect during recovery from Gamma Knife treatment?” We posted the video on a web page about what patients experience on the day of treatment and during recovery for the procedure to reassure patients considering the treatment.

  8. Monitor online reviews about your organization. Chances are that you’re often researching answers to issues or questions posted in reviews and you learn far more information than you can post. Use that knowledge to write a blog post.

  9. Compile curated content and links to reputable websites into a patient resources web page.

  10. Compile FAQ pages. FAQ pages are some of the quickest content to develop, yet they are often the most overlooked by healthcare marketers. FAQ pages not only help your potential customers get information quickly, they also are highly rated for SEO rankings. To learn how to create FAQ pages that overcome problems, read this blog [M1] by Australia’s Media Heroes.

  11. Transcribe video or infographic content into website copy. Adding the video or infographic transcript in normal text helps with SEO, and allows the content to be transcribed by screen readers for vision-impaired consumers.

Repurposing Print Content

With print publications coming back into vogue in healthcare marketing, opportunities to get extra mileage out of the content are often overlooked. Whether it’s an annual outcomes report or a community health newsletter, repurpose your print content by doing the following:

  1. Convert the content in to a web page or blog post.

  2. Pull out individual articles and post as downloadable PDFs.

  3. Republish articles in your digital newsroom and include links in your e-letter.

  4. Use snippets or quotes from the article as social posts.

  5. Turn the content into an infographic or convert it to a SlideShare.

  6. Use with related content to create a downloadable e-guide.

  7. Turn a quote from the article into a social media graphic by overlaying it on a related photo.

  8. Convert the article into a health fair flyer, or give to physicians to hand out to patients.

  9. Turn it into a physician-directed flyer that your sales team can use.

Finding Healthcare Marketing Content Ideas

  • Research Quora or online patient forums. See what questions consumers are asking, and then answer common questions via your content.

  • Subscribe to health e-newsletters. Medical News Today and HealthDay News include curated content articles and studies, which lend themselves especially well to Facebook post ideas. (Be sure to give credit and link to the original story.)

  • Set up Google Alerts. Use these current news and research articles to use for content ideas. Or, use Google Trends to see what’s trending in online searches.

  • Subscribe to an online content generator. BuzzSumo is one service and if you’re a HubSpot customer, use their free blog content generator.

  • Do a quick YouTube search on a topic to see which videos are most popular. Use this list to generate related website content ideas, blog post ideas, or social media ideas.

We hope you find these easy content ideas helpful. If you’d like a free content assessment session, contact us at 303-261-8264.


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