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Digital marketing

Internet marketing that succeeds with today's information-driven consumers.

Online healthcare marketing

Eight out of 10 Americans search for health information online. Three out of four online health searches begin in a search engine, with consumers searching most often for information on health conditions, treatment, and providers.

Are your potential patients finding you online?

Inbound marketing focuses all of your marketing efforts into a strategy to target people most likely to use your services, help them, and convert them to customers.

Inbound content marketing centers on creating relevant, quality content that answers consumer questions, helps them solve problems, or aligns with their interests. Unlike outbound marketing, which interrupts by pushing ads, emails and other communications at audiences who may not need or want your services, inbound marketing pulls potential customers to you, helping them find you online when they need you most.

Marketing that fits your values

We’ve worked in health marketing for a very long time and what we saw over the years is that most healthcare professionals aren’t very comfortable with traditional advertising. They feel like there is something unseemly about trying to sell someone medical care.

We agree. And that’s why we don’t do it.

Don’t get us wrong. We create ads; we create healthcare magazines and medical brochures and a lot of things that have been used for a lot of years. But we don’t sell anything. We create content in the form of website content, blog articles, direct mail, eguides, infographics, custom publications and a lot of other marketing tactics that educate and empower consumers to live healthier and happier.

The marketing we create on your behalf is marketing that helps consumers during a time of immense stress, confusion and worry. Your marketing helps people and, in return, they want you to be their provider.

Invest in marketing assets, not expenditures 

The problem with traditional advertising is that only a very small segment of the public needs a particular healthcare service at any given moment, so you’re spending a lot of money to reach a lot of people who just don’t care about  your message. And once your ad is gone from the marketplace, so is your money. That’s an expenditure. 

When you spend your dollars on content, you are investing in an asset that you own and control. New, relevant content on your website improves your organic search, meaning more of the right people find you when they need you. And content that expertly guides patients through the complex decisions of diagnosis and treatment continues to convert consumers from website visitor to patient years after you paid for it. That’s an investment.

Inbound marketing services

Clementine Healthcare Marketing offers inbound content marketing services including:

  • Development of inbound healthcare marketing strategies
  • Growth-driven website design
  • Content creation
  • Search engine optimization (SEO, search SEO)
  • Lead generation/inbound campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Online advertising (search PPC or pay-per-click)
  • Measurement and reporting

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