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Journalists at heart. Marketers by trade.

Our agency is built around one mission: to empower people with information. Our content marketing helps our clients build marketing programs around their customer’s needs. By helping, rather than selling, you attract the right people, build a relationship around their needs, and convert them to customers by providing the right solution at the right time.

We build content marketing programs based on 5 steps


Not sure if content marketing can help or whether you're on the right track? Schedule a free 30-minute content strategy session and we'll help you understand the role of buyer personas, help you map their buying journey, match their pain points with your content, and set up the right means to measure success. 

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Healthcare marketing rooted in strategy

Content marketing requires the same discipline you bring to the rest of your business and it all starts with strategy. According to the Content Marketing Institute, nearly 60 percent of the most successful content marketers have a documented strategy. (See the full report .) And, marketers with documented strategy feel “significantly less challenged in every aspect of their content marketing.” We build content marketing strategies that start with your organization’s mission, business goals, and marketing strategy, and are built upon research into your customer and their needs.

Custom content creation for medical marketing

With a singular focus and more than 30 years of experience in healthcare marketing and medical writing, our team of senior healthcare writers, editors, and designers can develop custom content that is relevant and reliable. We know the difference between a double-blinded, multi-center study measuring cause-and-effect and a one-site study looking at association. We know how to interview physicians, researchers, healthcare financial experts and everyone in between. We understand the intricacies and necessity of obtaining approvals on medical writing and how to build that into an efficient process. Combined with a keen understanding and decades of experience in healthcare marketing, we create custom content that pinpoints your target audience, their challenges and pain points, and their journey through the buying process from awareness of the problem, through consideration of solutions, to decision to buy. We apply this same methodology to all of our clients whether you are a hospital or healthcare provider, a senior living facility, or a medical manufacturer.

Content distribution

As we are developing strategy and custom content, we are always thinking about the appropriate format and the appropriate distribution channel. Print, such as a custom hospital magazine or a medical brochure, may be needed to create awareness that a problem – or a solution – even exists. Blogs or electronic resources on your website may be the best way to impart complex, nuanced content. Or social media marketing could help build an audience. And our work doesn’t end there. We also look at outside ways to promote your content, such as guest blogs, email campaigns, influencer campaigns, and shared content.

Measuring the effectiveness of content marketing

While we are an agency rooted in journalism, we don’t shy away from numbers. We are a data-driven agency, working with our clients to set success goals and the means to measure those. We go beyond page visits to understand if the content is engaging the right audience members and helping to achieve your unique goals.

Adjusting, expanding and repurposing custom content

Lack of resources is the No. 1 obstacle companies cite as stopping them from implementing a successful content marketing strategy. As we build content and measure its effectiveness, we are continually developing ideas to expand, repurpose, and evolve your content marketing – creating synergy that frees up dollars and time.

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