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Custom publications

Use a community health magazine to increase awareness and generate leads.

Custom health magazines that score

In the era of online search, there is still a place for print. Custom publishing is a $55 billion industry and growing faster than any other marketing vehicle behind internet. In terms of ROI, it can't be beat. Three out of four readers have taken action in the last 12 months as a result of reading a custom publication.  A custom publication can give your organization the opportunity to raise awareness of a targeted audience about subjects important to them -- and you.

Clementine community health magazines regularly achieve a 10:1 ROI or better! Even more importantly, these publications are doing it in a way that improves -- and even saves -- lives. And while custom publications are common for hospitals, they can be used equally well by senior living facilities, health agencies, and even large speciality or multi-specialty physician practices.

Apples vs. Clementines

Are you getting custom content that highlights your services and your experts? Or are you settling for a shade of customization that inserts your name into pre-existing content? When you hire Clementine, you get completely custom content from story generation through writing and design. This difference is key because it gives you the opportunity to present specifics rather than settling for the least common denominator that can be applied to all organizations. Your readers -- and your bottom line -- will see the difference. (And, by the way, you own full rights to every piece of content we create on your behalf!)

We make custom publishing easy on you

If you think custom publishing is too much work, you haven't tasted Clementine. We are truly a turn-key custom publisher. After working with you to develop an editorial strategy that supports your business goals and content marketing strategy, we go to work. Here are the services we provide:

  • research and present ideas for stories, calls-to-action, and formats (article, infographic, charticle, etc) in an editorial meeting prior to each issue
  • research selected topics, interview sources, and write all content
  • obtain source reviews and approvals
  • contact patients and obtain signed consent forms
  • submit all source-approved content to marketing representative for review and approval
  • purchase stock art and provide art direction for custom photos
  • set up photo shoots for custom photos
  • provide custom layout and design, incorporating client graphic standards
  • submit design for USPS approval
  • upload files to press and attend press checks live
  • purchase mailing lists, merge seed lists, and provide ongoing list management services
  • address, sort, tray and drop ship to USPS hubs to reduce local postage charges
  • drop ship samples
  • upload publication to electronic e-publisher site and add live links throughout each version

 What you do

  • pick the stories you want
  • tell us who to interview
  • give us call-to-action information
  • review source-approved and fact-checked copy
  • review your beautiful design proof
  • Sit back and enjoy your new magazine!


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2016_Gold_Leaf_Award_badge.jpgElevate magazine, produced by Clementine Healthcare Marketing, received the 2016 Silver Leaf Award from Colorado Healthcare Communicators.