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Custom medical content

9 out of 10 consumers find custom content useful.

Journalism lies at the heart of our agency and nowhere can that be seen better than in our custom content. From custom health magazines and white papers to blogs and digital guides, we excel at creating custom content that delivers results.

Great healthcare content doesn't just grow on trees

At Clementine, we don't create superb content just because we're good at it. We create custom healthcare content with purpose: To help you achieve your business goals. We view every piece of content as an investment that will pay dividends long into the future. Like all investments, custom content starts with research and strategy -- even for the smallest jobs.

Start with questions

As journalists, we're used to asking a lot of questions and listening. As marketers, we turn those questions and answers into strategy. At the beginning of each project, we'll go through the tried-and-true Five W's of journalism:

  • Why do you want to develop custom content? Are you trying to drive volume? Are you trying to generate qualified leads for your sales team? Or are you wanting to become a thought leader in your industry?

  • Who is your target audience? We go a lot deeper than age and gender to build customized customer personas and map out their paths from awareness of a need to decision on how to solve that need.

  • When will your target audience look to you for information? It's true that 80% of consumers seek healthcare information online, but at what point are they looking to local experts for guidance? If you're selling to the healthcare industry, when will potential customers look to you?

  • What are the pain points and informational needs of your target audience? What content -- and in what format -- will help your potential customers the most? 

  • Where will you deliver this content? Yes, digital healthcare content is a must but the internet is a big world--should the content be a static page, a blog, a downloadable e-guide or should it be deployed off your site as a guest blog or social media? And don't lose sight of non-digital. Custom publications, informational direct mail, even the right medical brochure created in the right way can reap reward. 

Comfortable with the complexity

Custom medical writing is not a commmodity that can be awarded to the lowest bidder or assigned across seas with no contact with your subject matter experts. The Clementine team is made up of senior healthcare writers and editors with decades of experience in medical writing; our lead writer even has a degree in biochemistry. But because we couple that with experience in healthcare marketing, we  create content that is clinically accurate but, at the end of the day, sells, too, because it is content that is relevant and written with your customers' needs in mind.

Content more than one way

Today, content is a general term for anything that imparts information to your potential customers. Based on your customer’s needs, we develop content in many formats that we can repurpose into as many formats as possible. An e-guide, for instance, can be turned into a series of blogs, an article in a custom publication, or a flyer for referring physicians. Here are some of the many formats we create:


  • Custom magazines
  • White papers
  • Annual reports
  • Medical brochures
  • Case Studies
  • Direct mail


  • Website Content
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Electronic newsletters
  • E-guides
  • Social media posts
  • Slide Shares
  • Video
  • Webinars

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