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South denver neurosurgery

Inbound marketing generates new patients for neurosurgery practice


Components of this project:

  • South Denver Neurosurgery has obtained nearly 300 new patients as a result of inbound marketing tactics, including informative website content optimized for search engines, educational videos, downloadable patient guides, emails promoting new resources, and social media posts, all of which are designed to address the information needs and pain points of potential patients.

  • Traditional marketing tactics are used to supplement inbound marketing. For example, a local news story on a neurosurgeon’s use of deep brain stimulation to treat obsessive compulsive disorder was featured on the website, publicized via email,and posted on social media to re-purpose the content and extend its shelf life.

South Denver Neurosurgery


South Denver Neurosurgery is a three-physician practice in the south metro Denver area. After achieving good results from a direct marketing campaign to consumers and physicians with help from Clementine Healthcare Marketing, the practice hired Clementine to help attract new patients via inbound marketing. Inbound marketing uses marketing to bring potential customers to you, rather than having your marketing efforts fight for their attention. Clementine helped determine key services, then developed an array of relevant content for potential patients, including extensive research-backed (and linked) patient guides for spine surgery, trigeminal neuralgia, and deep brain stimulation. By developing in-depth, useful content, South Denver Neurosurgery places in the top five search results for most surgeries performed there. 


Key Results

300 new patients in 18 months

Thought leadership positions in the market for neurosurgeons

Improved SEO and increased organic website traffic


“It has been a pleasure working with the staff at Clementine; Michele and her staff quickly understood our needs and our environment and had innovative and robust ideas for the marketing and growth of our practice, including conventional and online marketing.  The content they provided, as well as their expertise on SEO and lead-production for new patients, is in a different league than others we have worked with.  I have confidently recommended them to many other physicians and practices and will continue to do so.  They have been a blessing for us!”

~J. Adair Prall, MD, Neurosurgeon